3 Day Week – Naked Business Benchmark

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The Naked Business Benchmark is our diagnostic tool for business owners wanting to achieve the 3 Day Week.

3 Key Markers

Having transformed the lives and businesses of hundreds of business owners we know the 3 Key Markers of business success.

  1. Vision
  2. Personal Dimension
    1. Effectiveness
    2. Energy
    3. Motivation
  3. Business Performance
    1. Strategy & Culture
    2. Marketing & Sales
    3. Systems & Process
    4. Dream Team


Benchmarking is a great way to help us understand how we are performing compared to others. Where are my strengths and weaknesses compared to other businesses and business owners, when evaluated against the 3 Key Markers of business success.

Your results will be benchmarked against others prior to starting the 3 Day Week programme and those who have completed the 3 Day Week programme.

How does it work

Following purchase of the Naked Business Benchmark you will be directed to an assessment, which will take approximately 15 mins to complete. We will then have an expert advisor compile your exclusive and CONFIDENTIAL report. The report will then be sent to you and you will have an opportunity to review this with an expert advisor. You will be on your way to creating your desired future.

It’s Scary Getting Naked

We understand it can be scary to reveal how you and your business are doing. If you want a better life and a better business you need to make change happen and that begins with an honest assessment of where you are now and where you want to get to. Our experience is that most business owners are overly critical of themselves and their performance, you might be just a little surprised how you are doing compared to others in the benchmark results.


We will protect your information with the utmost care. It will not be shared with anyone else unless you expressly request us to in writing.