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When you started your business you had a vision for the profit you would generate and the freedom that being your own boss would allow. If you haven't achieved that vision yet, I'd bet:

  • You are working hard, but not achieving the results you deserve 

  • You are frustrated with all the 'stuff' you have to deal with that seems to distract you from spending time on the things that matter 

  • You feel unfocused. You have so many different demands on your time and so many opportunities to pursue and yet you don't have total confidence in a single plan 

  • You're at a point where you've decided it's time. Something has to change. You're ready to have the business and lifestyle that you deserve. 

If that's where you are, you need this manual. In it you'll learn you are in good company and that almost all business owners make one or more of these mistakes:

  • Thinking small 
  • Under Marketing 
  • Settling for less 
  • Working too hard 
  • Adding complexity 
  • Working in not on 
  • Knowing but not doing 

You'll also learn how small changes to avoid these mistakes can accelerate your profit and give you more time.

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" I have learned how other business owners have grown their businesses (sales and profit), their people and improved their own output through working smarter.."

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One of the biggest challenges of business ownership is employee engagement. The team at The Breakthrough have helped us achieve remarkable results in that area."

Mike O'Meeghan - MJB Construction

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For the last 10 years, Dr Mike Ashby has been helping hundreds of business owners grow their business and improve their lifestyle. Prior to The Breakthrough Company, Dr Mike was COO at Southern Cross Healthcare where he was responsible for turning around a $42M loss into a $30M profit in two years.

Dr Mike is also the author of the acclaimed book,

Breakpoints: How to Shift Your Business to the Next Level

Meet the author, Dr Mike Ashby

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