Active Management

Active management

As a business owner or leader, your management team relies too much on you. Active Management will develop the core skills of your managers so they will take ownership and step up as leaders.

As a business leader your challengers are:

  • The management team have come from technical backgrounds
  • They have had limited training in management. There are lots of training programmes, but it’s hard to make training stick
  • You are the primary strategic leader and you’d like them to contribute to the leadership of the organisation
  • You want them to become more effective and efficient as managers so they can spend more time on higher value activities
  • You like to see people in your team grow, but it’s hard to know how you can personally assist them in developing their management skills

Would you like to see?

A management team that can:

  • Coach and motivate team members
  • Resolve problems in their own areas of responsibility
  • Run highly effective meetings
  • Delegate low level activities to others
  • Attract and retain great people in their teams
  • Be confident decision makers
  • Contribute to strategic growth ideas and execution

So that you can focus on building tomorrow’s business

The ACTIVE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME can help you and your team achieve this.

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