A real story of transformation

Alex Allan, Chief Executive at Foodbowl and Darryl McClay, a Breakthrough Partner coach, share how the Active Management programme is a powerful agent for change and the results they are achieving.

Confident managers

The Dream Childcare team share their insights on the Active Management Programme. Why the managers are more confident and how the owner now gets to do the fun stuff.

“The program provides continued challenge and stimulation to think out of the box and to break away from the rut.”

 Craig Taylor, Tailor Inc

“I have learned to wake up the positive part of my brain when things are overwhelming and break things down to manageable chunks”

— Del Purcell – GJ Gardner

“The program gives really good advice and simple learning tips. I have been a lot more confident with all aspects of work.”

 Vijay Chandra, Rakon

“I feel stronger and more in control of my time and workflow, which has given me back enthusiasm for change and growth”

– Carly Edwards, BBCL

“The program reinforces the importance of goals I had already set, such as health and family.”

— Alastair Shorten – Halo Consulting

“I’m learning to delegate tasks that I don’t need to do - this empowers them and frees my time up for high value activities”

— Donna Miller – Sign Supplies

“The program has helped to create positive change within the company, to create better leaders, and to create a better culture to elevate the business.”

 – Nelson Vining, Meridian

“I have seen a change in energy from my staff doing the program and self awareness of their day to day planning.”

– Julie Coutts, Tailor Inc

“The program has made me realise balance is important. Work-life balance needs prioritisation.”

– Tony Borland-Lye, Box

“I have learned to adapt my activity focus and priorities to match my production focus and goals.”

–  Murray Alcock, Meridian

“Since I started the program I have been thinking more in ways in which I can improve systems and processes. I am thinking more to the future rather than the now.”

– Matthew Aitken, Sign Supplies

“The program has helped me increase individual performance and satisfaction in both job and life.”

  Nat Jakich, Box