Active Management Programme for Team Leaders

Active Management for Team Leaders is a powerful blended management training programme for supervisors, team leaders and first-time managers. It teaches practical management skills which are applied in everyday work. Your people will take more responsibility and get better results for themselves, for their teams and for the business.

Topics covered in the 6 month programme

Active vs Reactive

Insight into how you currently operate and understand how Active Management can make you more effective without any additional hours.

Manage Your Time

Free up 25% of your time and use that freed up time to work on high value activities that you currently don’t have time for.

Working With Your Team

Get a new way of thinking and managing your team, greater clarity among team members, and how your style interacts (or not) with others.

Delegating Effectively

Align your activities with your priorities to achieve better performance with more recognition, less stress and more satisfaction.

Developing Talent

Get your team connected and engaged, reduce staff turnover and motivate your experienced team members.

Clear Communication

Develop skills and techniques to achieve successful communication, which is the accurate transmission and reception of relevant information.