Active Management Programme syllabus

Active Management is a powerful blended management training programme that develops core skills required to become a better manager through daily practice. It builds confidence and capability, creating a high performance team that drives results.

Topics covered in the 12-month programme

Active vs Reactive

Insight into how you currently operate and understand how Active Management can make you more effective without any additional hours.

Manage Your Time

Free up 25% of your time and use that freed up time to work on high value activities that you currently don’t have time for.

Get The Big Stuff Done

Actively put your time and attention on to the most important (not necessarily urgent) requirements of your job and progress on a vision of your career.

Working With Your Team

Get a new way of thinking and managing your team, greater clarity among team members, and how your style interacts (or not) with others.

Managing Priorities

Get clarity and insight into your most important goals. Learn how to separate the important from the urgent, and then make time to get these done.

Delegating Effectively

Align your activities with your priorities to achieve better performance with more recognition, less stress and more satisfaction.

Developing Talent

Get your team connected and engaged, reduce staff turnover and motivate your experienced team members.

Clear Communication

Develop skills and techniques to achieve successful communication, which is the accurate transmission and reception of relevant information. 

Difficult Conversations

Learn how to hold yourself in difficult conversations, and to make these conversations productive and constructive.

Meeting Magic

Make your meetings an efficient and effective means of keeping your team moving in the right direction by learning the key skills to facilitating a great meeting.

Making Better Decisions

Make better and fewer decisions, and avoid decisions that fail because of not dealing with the uncertainties.

Managing Stress

Manage stress by learning to live with pressure and control the choices that turn pressure into stress.