July 11, 2014

Avon Engineering

Avon Engineering


Avon Engineering is a small engineering company in Gore that manufactures alloy jet boats for recreation and commercial use. They also build race boats and export predominately to Europe and Asia.

Prior to working with The Breakthrough Company, they had great turnover but no profits.

The turning point for Dwayne and Gillian Terry was the realisation that they were going to sink themselves if they didn’t do something.

Joining the Owner Operator Programme was done with some hesitation. They had to factor in fees, travel, and time commitments. However it didn’t take long for them to see the results of their investment. The fee, travel and time commitments made them take the programme seriously and put what they were learning into practice.

Within 6 to 12 months of being part of the programme, there were two big breakthroughs which turned the business around. Both of these stemmed from the Action Group that Dwayne was involved in. Sharing business issues, commitments and successes with a group of business peers is powerful and empowering.

Lean. Dwayne had never heard about Lean Manufacturing until one of the members of the group talked about a course they had just done. After listening to the process and results, Dwayne enrolled in a Lean Manufacturing Course and made significant changes to his operation.

Confidence. A huge amount of support, encouragement and belief is built in Action Groups, and it was here that Dwayne gained the confidence and vision to borrow a huge amount of money to build a much bigger and well needed workshop. In Dwayne’s words “I would not have done it without the confidence from the programme, we would have just carried on plodding along”.

Fast forward 12 to 18 months into the programme, not long after the new factory was built, Dwayne and his team won a $1.3M contract to build 5 commercial tour boats for China. A contract they could never have taken on without the new workshop.

Today, Avon Engineering is enjoying great turnover AND great profit. There’s an opportunity on the horizon for Dwayne to move to China and take up equity in a Chinese company to further build alliance with this burgeoning market.


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