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When it happens (as it does)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but sh*t happens. Often. All the time, to varying degrees.  We’re rolling along happily, and then avvompha! We get knocked off our stride. Last year we were working on a big initiative. Great opportunity, wonderful relationship yadda yadda yadda. The great opportunity got smaller […]

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Make it work

It’s all very well to set Most Important Goals.  They establish what we rationally consider to be our priorities. They represent our beliefs about what’s important – they’re our convictions. But priorities are only meaningful if they involve choice and sacrifice. In those moments when honouring the priority involves inconvenience, […]

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Peace in our time

As a natural introvert/learned extravert, I was excited to find an article in the HBR entitled “In a distracted world, solitude is a competitive advantage”. At last, my preference for quiet contemplation was being recognised. The “Disconnect” movement is growing as we struggle to cope with the sheer volume of […]

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