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Moon shot culture

I know the time for the anniversary of the moon landings is over, but sometimes things take a while to percolate through my mind. A few weeks ago my friend Bob Weston told me about a podcast he had listened to (after he’d listened to ours of course) about the […]

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The third voice – the magic of collaboration

Emmy Lou Harris has collaborated with many (perhaps even most) of the great recording artists over the last 30 years in the country/folk rock space. She said, “When you combine two unique voices it creates a third phantom voice.” I know what she means. My most important collaboration is with […]

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Sometimes listening isn’t

One of the key topics in our Active Management Programme (AMP) is on communication (in fact it underpins several topics). In a recent AMP Co-lab meeting with a client’s team, we discussed both clear transmission and listening actively. Mark made a wonderful observation that sometimes listening is not conducted face […]

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Are you living your CV or your eulogy?

Recently I posted an article called “Your professional decline is coming (much) sooner than you think”. It has generated a lot of interest, and it highlights a conversation I have with lots of people, especially those over 50. My thinking is that we have three adult ages: Stage 1 (20s-30s): […]

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Be more useful, not more productive

I think we should waste more time. We are bombarded with productivity hacks, articles on getting more done, podcasts about fitting more in, optimal work times, reducing distractions, flow etc. People worry that they have no more time to use more efficiently. We’ve gone overboard. Let me be clear: when […]

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Doubling down

It’s a funny thing, a New Year. Time is a continuum and each second simply follows the other, indistinguishable from the previous one. Days of the week, months and years are human definitions, used to mark out natural cycles. January 1 was really no different from December 31 in terms of […]

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