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Preparation and details for upcoming Mastery workshops

4DX Mastery Workshop Preparation

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The Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX) is one of the upcoming Mastery topics. In preparation for the session the management team need to:

  1. Watch the below video for context
  2. Agree your Wildly Important Goal (Discipline # 1)

At Mastery we will then educate you further on Disciplines 2 – 4.


Discipline #1 – FOCUS on your Wildly Important Goals

Business owners tend be both ambitious and overly optimistic. These often leads to a large number of goals trying to be pursued simultaneously. The below graphic shows you how your successful execution of goals diminishes with the pursuit of more and more goals.

2014-10 Mastery 4DX_goals_achieved

In deciding the wildly important goal (WIG) you should follow this criteria:

  • Begin with verb
  • From X to Y by WHEN
  • Keep it simple
  • Focus on what, not how
  • Must be achievable (winnable)

To provoke some thought among the team use these questions:

  • Which one area of our team’s performance would we want to improve most
  • What are the greatest strengths of the team that can be leveraged
  • What are the areas where the team’s poor performance needs to be improved

The following are some real world examples:

2014-10 Mastery 4DX_WIG_Examples

2014-10 Mastery 4DX_WIG_Examples_2

Please agree your WIG prior to Mastery and ensure it is in the format of “from X to Y by WHEN”.