July 11, 2014

Cheal Consultants

Cheal Consultants



Cheal Consultants is a multidisciplinary consultancy that offers expertise in resource management planning, cadastral and construction surveying, structural, civil, geotech and project management engineering. We now have a Health and Safety division which assists our clients and contractors to work better and safer.

Our vision: ” To be recognised as a National Leader in the sustainable development of our Environment.”


We had to change. We were deeply into land development and could see the writing on the wall. We had other skills and projects but the pressure on us with development was crushing us. We had no time to do anything else but work. Luckily we found The Breakthrough Company and Mike Ashby during this period of change.

Our focus was present day not the future – where the company was going. Goal setting was the greatest asset which allowed us to look to the future and work towards it. We have now shifted from the heavy workload of land development to other areas of work that minimised our risk in the work place. It also created a better work place with new opportunities for staff and the company.

Mike Ashby helped us realise that we could change, that it was possible and in fact easier than we thought. Managing change was another thing and The Breakthrough Company gave us support in challenging us to think about how we could change. This has continued to elevate us to a new level.

Achievements with the programme

My personal achievement from the programme is that I have now the confidence to stand back from the day to day business and see where the company was going and what I must do to help it get there. Setting goals allowed me to focus on what was around me and set up two branch offices.

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