August 12, 2019

[EP 10] Traditional Training is a Waste of Time and Money

Show Notes:

The idea of the classroom as the sole place of learning is dead and the vast majority of money spent on training is a waste of money. In this podcast episode, Mike and Ryan discuss the issues with the traditional approach to training and learning and offer insights into a new effective approach. The current model of adult learning posits that 10% of learning effectiveness comes from content (i.e. the classroom), 20% from exposure through socialisation, and 70% through experience.

The old approach of sending people away to a block course to develop their management skills has always been an exercise in hope. Participants may get new ideas, but the gap between knowledge and application equals the distance between the classroom and the workplace. Mike and Ryan discuss a new learning concept called blended learning. An approach that uses a mix of online and classroom content. The key advantage being a lower cost delivery of soft skills (communication, people, relationships) that can be applied immediately. To find out more, check out the links below.


Dr. Mike has written a free Whitepaper on the future of leadership development. Which you can download here:
Active Management Programme mentioned here:


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