November 26, 2019

[EP 25] The Learning Ladder – Unlocking you and your team’s potential

Learning can be hard, but it’s the key to unlocking your own and your organization’s potential. In this podcast episode, Mike and Ryan share their insights around learning and give advice on how to learn effectively. They discuss what learning is exactly, what the stages of learning are, why learning is hard and why it’s supposed to be hard, and how you can motivate yourself to achieve your learning goals.

You’ll hear about the 4 stages of the learning ladder and how you can move up on it, supported by several common and personal examples of learning. You’ll find out why, of the $200 billion US dollars spend annually corporate training and development, only 10% is considered as valuable, and how you can maximize your value when you learn something.

Mike and Ryan provide a great starting point for anyone who wants to develop themselves or their organization further, and unlock their and their team’s potential.


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  • Read Dr Mikes white paper “The Future of Leadership Development” here

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