October 1, 2018

Learn these three traits to be a great manager

I think there’s a sea change under way in management.

For years the question has been “How can I make people more accountable?” I always thought this was the wrong question because it was about the person asking the question and how they could get others to do what they (the questioner) wanted. Accountability is something others put on you, responsibility is something you take.

Now I am seeing a massive trend towards learning and teaching. I wrote about Steve Hansen in my last blog, and in a recent HBR article “Great Employees Want to Learn. Great Managers Know How to Teach.” Daniel Dobrygowski points out today most staff (especially people under 30) are looking for managers they can learn from. I think it applies to people across the board.

The nature of the work relationship has changed. Longevity is the exception rather than the rule, and you only want to employ people for a long time if they are growing and learning.

Which takes you back to Steve Hansen’s description of himself as a teacher.

Dobrygowski says there are three traits which all good teachers share and managers in any field can learn: how to define and communicate goals, how to identify and build necessary skills, and how to create opportunities for growth. “Put into practice, these attributes can help to create a positive environment filled with motivated and creative people.”

Sounds like the All Blacks.

Sounds like a positive culture full of people taking responsibility.

But does it sound like you?

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