January 8, 2018

Make it work

It’s all very well to set Most Important Goals.  They establish what we rationally consider to be our priorities. They represent our beliefs about what’s important – they’re our convictions.

But priorities are only meaningful if they involve choice and sacrifice.

In those moments when honouring the priority involves inconvenience, disruption, additional effort on the part of yourself or others, then your commitment to priority is tested. The temptation will be to slide, fudge, defer, downplay, and thereby avoid the cost of commitment. That’s a reasonable thing to do, keep everyone happy (or at least not annoyed).

You have a choice: you can stay in the comfort zone of avoiding your own and others’ perceptions of your unreasonableness.

Or you can have the courage of your convictions, and find a way to make your commitment work.

Up to you.

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