Active Management Programme

Get your management team to step up, take ownership and share the leadership

Active Management Programme - Management Training

If you want a business that runs like a machine with reliable quality and consistent margins, then you need a team that manages resources, people and process professionally.

The Active Management Programme (AMP®) will give you that team.

Here’s the thing: no matter how much you develop yourself, your business is always going to be constrained if your managers don’t step up. 

Good managers are multipliers. They leverage the skills and attitudes of their teams and make the business work faster and better. They make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. They create critical mass.

The problem is, most managers in SME businesses are in their role because they were good at their job. The idea is they’ll be good at showing others how to be good at their jobs. But that’s like expecting every great player to be a great coach.

When you teach your people to become better managers, you’ll:

  • Get the best from your people; attract and keep high performing staff
  • Create critical mass with a team capable of running your business
  • Free yourself to focus your time and effort on growth
Your challenges
  • SME managers typically come from a technical background with limited management skills or training
  • They have an underdeveloped ability to think strategically about the future because they’re too busy in the operations of today’s business
  • They don’t manage their time effectively – they work reactively on urgent tasks and often don’t get to the big important things
  • No one is learning, and the one-off training they have done often hasn’t had any real lasting impact
  • In many cases you also haven’t learned how to teach the skills of management to your team
Your dream management team
  • Resolves problems in their own areas of responsibility
  • Prioritises and uses their time effectively
  • Recommends and makes decisions with confidence
  • Understands how to get the best out of their team
  • Runs highly effective meetings
  • Delegates so they can do more high value activities and get better results
  • Contributes to strategic growth ideas and execution

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How to Develop a High Performance Management Team 

By Dr Mike Ashby

“I feel like I keep having to do the job I hired my managers to do.”

Powerful practical proven management training

Most management training doesn’t work because it doesn’t reflect how adults actually learn, and so the training doesn’t stick.

The Active Management programme leverages the insights and experiences we’ve gained through more than 15 years of running development programmes for SME businesses. Our approach is based on best practice adult learning methodology and is proven by our clients’ business results. We know how adults learn and have applied these principles to develop the Active Management programme for managers.

A real story of transformation

Alex Allan, Chief Executive at Foodbowl and Darryl McClay, a Breakthrough Partner coach, share how the Active Management programme is a powerful agent for change and the results they are achieving.

Here's what customers say...

“This is a very down to earth course that offers real world solutions to real world problems. If your business is open to change and willing to take a good hard look in the mirror, there are great results to be had.

These guys provide a good framework to enable direct conversations to be had. These conversations more often than not translate into firm actions to move the business forward in a united manner.

This training is targeted at business owners and their teams in SME businesses and is very effective in introducing skills and practices to grow the organisation.” –  Active VMA (posted on the NZTA website)

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