Active Management Programme

Step up your skills and confidence. 

Step back to focus on your priorities. 

Accelerate your growth.  

Active Management Programme - Management Training

Today’s businesses need engaged employees making big contributions – and yet only 15% of employees describe themselves as engaged.

70% of the influence on peoples’ engagement is the quality of their manager (Gallup, 2019).

The best managers are capable and confident. They have a range of tools and they’re confident in how they use them. They are multipliers. They leverage the skills and attitudes of their teams and make the business work faster and better. They make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. They create critical mass.

We’ve coached and run development programs with leaders of small to medium business since 2003. We know that a lot of managers are in their role because they were good at their job. The idea is they’ll be good at showing others how to be good at their jobs. But that’s a whole other skill set.

Skills that can be learnt

And a manager who develops these skills becomes someone that people want to work for. 

They have the total confidence of their boss. 

And they enjoy their role because they know what they’re doing.


…the world of training and development is struggling to keep up with what and how today’s managers want to learn, especially millennials. Just 10% of the $200B spent on training and development in the US actually delivers concrete results (HBR 2019). More than 50% of senior leaders believe their talent development efforts don’t adequately build critical skills.

The Gap

The big problem is the gap between where people learn and where they apply their learning. This means that what they learn doesn’t get applied in their daily work. And that problem is more intense for millennials. Traditional solutions are fast becoming irrelevant, but newer all-digital models are also failing to deliver on the critical “soft skills” of management.

The solution is to blur the line between learning and doing. The solution is the Active Management Programme.

Build a high performance team

A powerful blended management training programme that develops core skills through immediate and daily practice.

For Managers

Build and apply the core management skills every manager needs to be effective in their role.

AMP Syllabus
For Team Leaders

Develop core management skills for supervisors, team leaders and first-time managers. 

Team Leader Syllabus
What our clients have said...
A real story of transformation

Alex Allan, Chief Executive at Foodbowl and Darryl McClay, a Breakthrough Partner coach, share how the Active Management programme is a powerful agent for change and the results they are achieving.

Confident managers

The Dream Childcare team share their insights on the Active Management Programme. Why the managers are more confident and how the owner now gets to do the fun stuff.

“The program provides continued challenge and stimulation to think out of the box and to break away from the rut.”

Craig Taylor, Tailor Inc

“I feel stronger and more in control of my time and workflow, which has given me back enthusiasm for change and growth”

– Carly Edwards, BBCL

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