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Why People Join The Momentum Programme



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Momentum Benefits

  • A proven approach to gross profit growth
  • Create a steady stream of new A-Class customers
  • Develop your confidence in the business
[blockquote quote=”“With the focus and intensity of the Momentum programme, the right kind of growth is a certainty.”” cite=”Dr Mike Ashby” quote_background_color=”#474747″ quote_text_color=”#ffffff” css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]

Programme Components

[featured_image image=”426″ featured_title=”Kickstart Foundation Session” featured_desc=”Start your journey with a 2 hour 1 on 1 session with an expert coach. Get clarity on your business vision, strategy and goals. ” read_more_text=”Read more”]
[featured_image read_more_text=”Read more” image=”428″ featured_title=”Workshops” featured_desc=”Monthly three-hour workshop showing you how to implement worlds best practice into your business and subject-matter expert guest speakers.”]
[featured_image read_more_text=”Read more” image=”434″ featured_title=”Action Groups” featured_desc=”Meet with 5-7 programme members and our expert coach for 90 minutes a month. Be held accountable for your goals and share the collective knowledge of the group.”]
[featured_image read_more_text=”Read more” image=”435″ featured_title=”Breakthrough Tools” featured_desc=”Breakthrough tools and planners, and optional coaching with experienced business leaders as often as you need.”]

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