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Clarity is your roadmap for success. It includes a session for you and your leadership team of up to three hours with a qualified Breakthrough Advisor. Together we will develop your one page strategic plan which will take you from Vision to Strategy to 3 Most Important Goals.



You’ve done well to get your business to where it is today but you want to take it to the next level. What you need is a clear plan to get you there.


The Breakthrough Clarity gives you the tools that you need to immediately get your business on the path to success. As business advisors to New Zealand business owners, we help you see the challenges for what they really are, and even more importantly, open your eyes to the opportunities.

We draw on our practical experience working with hundreds of New Zealand business owners and best practice research to help you create your strategic business game plan to reach the next level of performance. Our bias is towards the practical – proven ideas and easy-to-use tools that make it simple to take action.

We start with a business growth assessment to give you and your business a comprehensive health check. In your Foundation session we help you and your leadership team get really clear about your business vision, strategy and goals. You leave with your customised strategic business game plan and tools that you and your leadership team can use immediately to ensure results.

You’ll be inspired by possibilities, ready for challenges and motivated to just get on with it.

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