Reach your full potential

The Breakthrough Company programmes are designed to help you succeed in achieving your aspirations. You’ll get the roadmap. the vehicle, the support squad and the navigator for your great adventure.

Business Freedom Plan

Improve your lifestyle and boost your business.

Sign up for the 12 week Business Freedom Plan today and we’ll show you how you can have it all – a great lifestyle and a successful business

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Clarity Session

You’ve done well to get your business to where it is today but you want to take it to the next level. Clarity will give a clear Vision to Goals plan to maximise today’s business and grow your future business.

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3 Day Week Programme

As a small to medium sized business owner, you’re so busy running the day-to-day that you don’t get to the higher value work. With 3 Day Week, you’ll free yourself to focus on what will grow your business and change your life.

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Active Management Programme

No matter how much you develop yourself, your business is always going to be constrained if your people aren’t skilled as managers. Active Management enables your managers to step up, take ownership and share in the strategic leadership of your organisation.

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Mastery Programme

Grow your management team, grow your business. The Mastery programme transforms the way your management team operates, turning them into a true leadership group.

Take your organisation further and get there faster

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Advisory Board

Bring the discipline of governance to your business with our proven methodology and outstanding advisors.

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Challenger Workshop

An opportunity to focus on growing your future business. Open your mind to new possibilities and reach your full potential.

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