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[EP 30] How to Outsource Work you Can’t or Won’t do

In this podcast episode, Ryan and Milena discuss outsourcing and freelancing. They share with you the lessons they have learned during the various times they have outsourced work at the Breakthrough. They talk about when you should think about outsourcing and how to decide on the right option for each […]

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[EP 29] The 3 big questions every business owner should ask themselves

In this podcast episode, Mike and Ryan share 3 big strategic questions that can help you bring your business to the next level. These questions will unlock your thinking and open possibilities you had never thought of before. Mike and Ryan discuss them in depth and give real examples of […]

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[EP 28] Kate Daly on the future of banking and building a high-performance culture

In this podcast episode, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Kate Daly, director of people at Bank of New Zealand (BNZ). She has held roles in human resources in many of the world’s largest brands and some of New Zealand’s household names, and is a board member at Auckland Rugby […]

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[EP 27] How to be as Good at Marketing as you are at Product

Being good at product isn’t enough, you need to be great at marketing too for your business to be successful. In this podcast episode, Mike and Ryan discuss the power of having clear principles. They talk about how crucial it is to have clearly defined values, and the importance of […]

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[EP 26] A Look Inside Xero’s Flexible Working with Ryan Ghisi

In our new podcast episode, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Ghisi, the general manager of ‘global people programs’ at Xero. Xero is one of New Zealand’s most successful tech companies and has had phenomenal growth over the last few years. Ryan talks about flexible working, an important part […]

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[EP 25] The Learning Ladder – Unlocking you and your team’s potential

Learning can be hard, but it’s the key to unlocking your own and your organization’s potential. In this podcast episode, Mike and Ryan share their insights around learning and give advice on how to learn effectively. They discuss what learning is exactly, what the stages of learning are, why learning […]

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