[EP 23] The no bulls**t approach to fitness, health and wellness

“We’ve reached peak wellness. Most of it is nonsense.” This is the title of a recent article by the Outside group and the topic of this podcast episode. Ryan is joined by Milena Cooper, head of digital at the Breakthrough co, and they discuss how people can achieve a real […]

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The Last Word on Hansen (for now)

Steve Hansen may be celebrating his last media appearance but I really hope we hear his voice again, not on rugby but on management, leadership and performance. You will know that I am a total fan of his leadership philosophy and practice. I’m sure there are great leaders out there […]

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[EP 22] Get F’d

In this week’s podcast episode, Ryan challenges you to get F’d – yes, you read that right. It’s not what you might think though. This episode is all about attitude, and how you can change your life by changing your attitude. Ryan discusses three distinguished zones of attitude: The Frustrated […]

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[EP 21] Sharn Rayner on Entrepreneurship, Hiring the Right People, and Mental Health

In this week’s insightful podcast, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Sharn Rayner, founder and former owner of business strategy and HR consultancy Pod, which is now part of AdviceFirst. Her work has always been people and performance centric, and she is a passionate advocate for removing the stigma around […]

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Self-Taught Genius

I was mucking around on guitars in a music shop when an assistant asked me if I was self-taught. I replied that I was and asked her how she knew. She said that trained musicians played pieces whereas self-taught people tended to improvise (the technical term when mucking around on […]

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