[EP 14] Alia Bojilova, an organisational psychologist on leadership, diversity and surviving being kidnapped in Syria

Show Notes: In this powerful episode, Ryan interviews industrial and organisational psychologist, Alia Bojilova. She shares with us how migrating to NZ as a teenager shaped her future and gives us insights into the power of the mind and what she learned about working with the NZ military, in particular, […]

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[EP 9] If You’re Doing Your Managers’ Job, You’re Doing a Poor Job Managing Them

Show Notes: In this podcast, Dr Mike and Ryan cover important issues around business management. Most business owners end up in management roles having progressed through an organisation because they’ve been good at a technical role or job, and somehow they’ve gotten “manager” in their title. So, they often don’t […]

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[EP 3] How to have a boringly predictably profitable business

Show Notes: You’ll certainly be demanding a boringly, predictable, profitable business after having listened to this podcast. Ryan and Mike talk about what’s involved in shifting a business from an endless startup mode to a business that is achieving 20% revenue growth consistently every single year. The challenge that most […]

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[EP 2] How to Get Your Head, Heart and Hands Working Together

Show Notes: In this podcast Mike and Ryan use the framework, heads heart and hands to show how you can propel your business forward. They discuss the importance of aligning the heart with what you want to get done in your business and only then, will you see success. They […]

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[EP 1] Are you ALL IN in your business and life

Show Notes: Mike and Ryan introduce themselves in the very first episode of Business Leader Breakthroughs. They discuss the importance of the “All In” a concept central to being able to transform oneself and business. In order to achieve this, they stress the value of being fully committed, prioritisation and […]

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