[EP 21] Sharn Rayner on Entrepreneurship, Hiring the Right People, and Mental Health

In this week’s insightful podcast, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Sharn Rayner, founder and former owner of business strategy and HR consultancy Pod, which is now part of AdviceFirst. Her work has always been people and performance centric, and she is a passionate advocate for removing the stigma around […]

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[EP 20] The All Blacks Business – On-Field Leaders

In this week’s podcast, Mike and Ryan discuss one of New Zealand’s most successful and beloved organizations: The All Blacks. While most don’t associate a rugby team with business, the All Blacks are very much a business organization, whose product happens to be a sport. Their unparalleled success over the […]

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Coach the Coach

We all know the impact of coaching on performance – it’s old news.   What is trending is the move from external coaches to internal coaches.  In our own business, we don’t really do much coaching these days, it’s much more about advisory.  In part that’s because we believe that coaching […]

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