What clients have said about The Breakthrough Programmes and coaching

“Mastery has joined the dots for my management team. Now we are all focused on where the business needs to go and have a structure for how we are going to get there. The planning in the two day sessions has brought clarity to the tasks required to implement the plan.” – Steve Bonnici – Urgent Couriers

“My team are totally changed since they started the programme.  What they talk about, what they do with their time, it’s just completely different, and they’re so energised.” – Vee Kessner – Space Studio

“The programme is a sure way to get the team all aligned and heading in the same direction, they share the vision, and take ownership of their goals.” – Fred Soar – Soar Print

“My management team is now driving forward with our key focus and ensuring tasks are completed daily to ensure we achieve the objective.” – Aaron Tunstall – Impression Real Estate

“It has been about the journey rather than the end game. The programme has made me step out of my comfort zone. If it’s not hard, why do it?” – Brendon Cutler – Hayes Knight

“Without the programme, I believe we would still be floundering as a very small business trying so hard to keep our heads above water to make ends meet.” – Sam & Lee Tyson – Climate

“I have learned how other business owners have grown their businesses (sales and profit), their people and improved their own (owners) output through working smarter.” – Mike O’Meeghan – G.J Gardner

“The sessions have been invaluable to helping us have the tools to grow our business” – Lloyd Stevenson – Lloyd Stevenson Boat Builders

“Having you look in from the outside and, most importantly, identify how to unlock our real potential is infinitely valuable.” – Doug Hanna – Terabyte Interactive

“Joining the programme has enabled us to break through the glass ceiling. We now have confidence in our strategies, setting goals and sticking with it. Turnover has tripled and staff doubled over the last 3 years. ” – Harley Prowse – Geographic Business Solutions

“This is a very down to earth course that offers real world solutions to real world problems. While the course is probably not for every business, if the business is open to change and willing to take a good hard look in the mirror then there are some good results to be had.

These guys provide a good framework to enable direct conversations to be had. These conversations more often than not translate into firm actions to move the business forward in a united manner.

This training is targeted at business owners and their teams in SME businesses and is very effective in introducing skills and practices to grow the organisation.” –  Active VMA (posted on the NZTA website)

Case Studies

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Cheal Consultants

Cheal Consultants Business Cheal Consultants is a multidisciplinary consultancy that offers expertise in resource management planning, cadastral and construction surveying, structural, civil, geotech …
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Avon Engineering

Avon Engineering Avon Engineering is a small engineering company in Gore that manufactures alloy jet boats for recreation and commercial use. They also build race boats and export predominately to Eur…
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SP Blinds

SP Blinds “When I take something on, I take it on” Meeting with Nurit Zubery, Managing Director of SP Blinds was an inspirational experience. A short wait in the reception area gave me good insigh…
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Soar Print

Soar Print Managing Director Fred Soar of Soar Printing, a third-generation printing business based in Auckland, has grown his family business from strength to strength. Even with a highly capable and…
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