December 17, 2018

What we don’t change

I recorded the final modules for the first year of our Active Management Programme last week, and one of them was about making better decisions.

One of the mistakes we make is that we can remain locked in the past, using the same old data or the same old processes. Even more important, we have outdated assumptions.

Underneath that issue is the old problem of effort. Because our brain uses so much of our energy, it is very adept at preserving energy. That means avoiding thinking because that involves creating new neural pathways which is tiring. So, we stick with what we know, we don’t question it too hard, we don’t think about how we might think differently.

As we head into 2019, I suggest you do nothing but recharge and refresh for as long as you can. And then right at the end, think about how you want 2019 to look. Think about 2018: what worked for you? what didn’t work?

And then think on this: what you don’t change you choose. If you don’t change the things in 2019 that didn’t work for you, you’re choosing them.

2018 is done, nothing more to see.

2019 has all sorts of possibilities and opportunities. It awaits your consideration.

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