About The Breakthrough Company

Since leaving corporate and management consulting behind in 2003, Dr Mike Ashby has created an extraordinary track record in coaching business owners to grow their lives and businesses to the next level. Now he’s brought all that experience, plus his research on the leading practices for small businesses, and put together the world’s best business coaching and development programme for business owners.

If you want…

  • Better results with less effort.
  • More time for yourself, your family and leisure.
  • More profits so you can secure your future and your lifestyle.
  • A simpler, calmer life where you’re in control.
  • Better health and more energy.
  • A business that doesn’t depend on you.

Then you need a growth vehicle that provides…

  • Goals, people and ideas that inspire you and change the way you think.
  • Regular review of progress and future planning to stay on track.
  • Accountability for the commitments you make.
  • A process to make improvements in your life and business permanent.
  • Someone to help you maintain your discipline and focus.

The Breakthrough Company programmes combine the best of structured content, group learning and 1:1 coaching. We’ll help you work out where you want to get to. Then we’ll give you the map, provide the vehicle, put you in a great tour party, and even give you a navigator to guide you.

Your success is our business.

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