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The definitive guide to shifting you and your business to the NEXT level.

This book shows you that the best way to grow your business and reach the next level of performance is to first grow yourself.

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  • Foreword by Justine Ross
  • introduction
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  • Sample Chapter - # 8 - Aspiration

42 Pages in total

Sample Chapter

What you'll learn

Find your drive and redefine your business priorities

Breakpoints is the business owner's guide to regaining your passion and driving your business forward. If you're feeling stuck, stale or stalled, this book is your ticket out of the rut and into profitable growth. 

You'll learn the 7 Mistakes Business Owners Make, and identify the choices, behaviours and practices that are keeping your business in a holding pattern. Practical formulas, frameworks, strategies and tools get you started right away on refocusing and reprioritising, and taking back your life. 

Coverage includes both hard and soft topics that business owners frequently struggle to master, along with expert insight on execution and what lies beyond success. 

Written simply and directly, without jargon or acronyms, this no-nonsense guide is designed to be easy to read and easy to apply so you can get back to work quickly, inspired with a whole new outlook and equipped with practical tools to improve your business. Written in a style that is both conversational and entertaining, author Dr Mike Ashby offers numerous anecdotes and analogies drawn from working with hundreds of business owners.

Owning a business can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. There's too much to do, and all accountability leads to you. If you've gotten hung up in the day-to-day running of your business, this book helps you regain sight of the big picture and get back on track to success.

  • Learn what's holding you back from business success 
  • Adopt the tools and practices that end the stalemate and get things done 
  • Find clarity and focus, and reconnect with your business 
  • Leverage your strengths to achieve personal and business growth 

Business owners need to be well-versed in both strategy and execution. If you feel like you and your business have reached a plateau, Breakpoints will reignite the spark that drives business success.


Justine Ross

Co-founder of 42 Below

Author of Every Bastard said No.

"I have just finished reading Breakpoints, and I would say if you are going to read one business book in your lifetime this is the book"

"Thanks Mike for delivering such a superb book. The world sure needs brave entrepreneurs creating smart, strong businesses in a mindful and healthy way and Breakpoints teaches us all how.

Karen McMillian

Author of Unbreakable Spirit and

The Paris of the East

Meet the author, Dr Mike Ashby

Dr Mike is the Founder and Director of The Breakthrough Company. He is a sought after business speaker, industry thought leader and advisor who has run development programs for business owners for over 10 years. 

His vast experience and his authentic voice make him one of Australasia’s foremost authorities to business owners.

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