August 20, 2019

[EP 11] Raelene Castle – CEO of Rugby Australia on Leadership, Diversity, and Resilience

Show Notes:

In this episode Ryan interviews Raelene Castle, CEO of Rugby Australia. Raelene shares her journey, where it began, and what she’s achieved along the way including becoming the first female CEO of a NRL club. Working in an industry heavily dominated by men, Raelene shares the many challenges and adversity she’s faced.

Her story begins at early childhood, to eventually working with the likes of Xerox, Bank of New Zealand, and Telecom.  She then transitioned from big corporates to sporting organisations, becoming CEO of Netball NZ, followed by a move to Australia with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and now CEO of Rugby Australia.

Raelene shares insights on:
    • Her earlier career. How it began with a strong corporate career before moving into commercial sporting roles
    • Childhood experiences and how they shaped her into the person she is today
    • How she has developed resilience
    • The importance of culture and how she ensures a strong culture as CEO
    • First experiences in Australia and being the CEO at Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
    • Proudest achievement commercialising of Netball NZ and taking it to a place where female athletes could make a living
    • Her experience of being a woman in a heavily male dominated industry and gender issues in leadership roles
    • Dealing with social media and bullying
    • The challenge of Alopecia and what it has taught her
    • What matters most in her life
    • Areas for growth related to a personal goal and a business leadership goal
    • The one thing that really makes a difference as a leader


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