September 24, 2019

[EP 16] – Darren Ellis, owner of Crossft NZ, on optimal nutrition, sustainable fitness and work/life synergy.

Show Notes:

Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Darren Ellis, owner of CrossFit New Zealand. He talks about his journey, where it began and what he’s achieved along the way including becoming the first CrossFit affiliate in the country. He mentions how powerful CrossFit has been in instilling a sense of community and social belonging in its members, as well as – his insights into health, well-being, fitness and running a business.

In this Q&A interview Darren shares insights on topics such as:

  • His earlier career and coming across CrossFit in 2007, as well as – what drew him to become an affiliate.
  • Deciding to obtain a degree in exercise science which rolled into a Master’s degree at the University of Auckland.
  • The importance of Health, family and work and prioritising them in that order.
  • The synergy around health, nutrition, and movement.
  • How beneficial personal relationships and social connections are. And how his gym promotes nutrition, sleep, stress management, meditation, hanging out with friends, finding good friends to associate with and doing do some exercise along the way.
  • How he puts a lot of care and effort into coming up with fresh variations in workouts to cater to the different levels of people’s abilities ensuring, they get the right level of stimuli.
  • The CrossFit Games, and his experience of competing in the elite level sport.
  • Advice on nutrition – the fundamentals.
  • How he creates customer lifetime value by chasing excellence and trying to be better every time, while at the same time not jumping on the latest fad.
  • What he is most proud of.


  • Watch the full video interview on YouTube here
  • CrossFit NZ website :



One Comment on “[EP 16] – Darren Ellis, owner of Crossft NZ, on optimal nutrition, sustainable fitness and work/life synergy.

September 24, 2019 at 6:41 pm

Love love love this podcast! Made my 35 min drive home from class that much more enjoyable! Looking forward to the next one…


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