October 1, 2019

[EP 17] – Hire and Grow the Best Employees – The 5 Rings

Show Notes:

People are truly what make a difference in an organization. This weekly podcast is focused on hiring and growing your best employees. Ryan and Mike talk about a helpful model which Ryan refers to as the 5 Olympic rings of people. These are:

Career: Where do you see the employee going and where do they see themselves going?
Culture & Values: Hire based on values and whether the employee will fit with the organization. Are they an energy sustainer or drainer?
Capability: Do you have the capability to deliver on responsibilities and career development.
Responsibility: Being very clear on expectations
Renumeration: What is the market pay for this role  and how do you deliver commercial value for the dollars you are paid:?


  • View and download the model here
  • Watch the full video on YouTube here


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