October 29, 2019

[EP 21] Sharn Rayner on Entrepreneurship, Hiring the Right People, and Mental Health

In this week’s insightful podcast, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Sharn Rayner, founder and former owner of business strategy and HR consultancy Pod, which is now part of AdviceFirst. Her work has always been people and performance centric, and she is a passionate advocate for removing the stigma around mental health in business.

She shares her journey of founding her company and the professional and personal challenges that came with it. She talks about how her partner reacted when she told him she would be leaving the safety of her corporate job to start her own company and how important resilience was in making Pod successful. She also discusses one of the most fundamental things in a healthy business: clearly defined values, and living these values.

The podcast covers a range of topics that are bound to give you valuable insights for your business, (mental) health, and personal life, such as:

  • Hiring the right people for your business
  • Aligning your company’s values with your team and your life
  • Overcoming challenging times in her business
  • The need for a change in New Zealand’s professional culture around failure
  • The importance of a personal connection with clients and business partners
  • How to implement mindfulness in both the workplace and in your life

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If you would like to get in touch with Sharn, find her at:
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  • Watch the full podcast on youtube



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