November 19, 2019

[EP 24] Franceska Banga on Being a Woman in Business, Pushing Boundaries, and Personal Courage

In this podcast episode, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Franceska Banga, or Frank as we know her. Frank is a recipient of the Officer of New Zealand Order of Merit Award, is the former Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund, and has held board roles on many of New Zealand’s most prominent tech and economic development boards. She is passionate about working with women in business and helping them find their personal courage, and she’s in the process of setting up a movement called Stand Up For Yourself (SUFY), to help give women courage to live the life they want.

In this episode, Frank provides insight into what shaped her willingness to push the boundaries and explains one of her Breakthrough moments was realizing she needed to display courage to speak up. She also takes us through her journey of beating a brain tumor and being partially paralyzed for 2 years and how this has shaped her life and career. She gives advice on being a woman in business, finding your way in life, and personal courage.


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