July 16, 2019

[EP 6] Q&A with Darrell Trigg, Trigg Construction and National President, RMBA

Show Notes:

  • In this podcast, Ryan interviews Darrell Trigg of Trigg Construction Ltd, who is also the National President of the Registered Master Builders Association of New Zealand. In this Q&A session, Darrell shares his insights on topics:
    • The importance of personal goals: why he feels like lugging 20 kilos of equipment up the world’s highest buildings is a really good thing to do
    • His view on the tendering model and why he thinks that it is flawed
    • How to get your fair share of work, even though you might predominantly operate in a tender environment
    • His success in acquiring one of the biggest construction projects to hit the Northern Region that is going to have a huge impact on the community and tourism in the area
    • Why focus in business is so critical, and how he chose his focus and the outcomes for him


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