July 23, 2019

[EP 7] How to work ON your business, not in your business

Show Notes:

In this episode, Ryan and Mike discuss the importance of working ON the business as opposed to IN the business. Many leaders in businesses get stuck in the operational tyranny of getting things ticked off the to-do list and fire-fighting the urgent issues. Mike and Ryan suggest taking a step back and having a greater awareness of the bigger picture of where you want to take the business and what you need to do to get there.

They talk about the importance of religiously making time to carve out a day in the week solely focused on working ON the business. This is referred to as a Development Day; a day focused on the future of the business. They use the framework of improve, develop, transform to help guide this type of work.
  • Improve: Improving existing products, services and processes, develop and train staff
  • Develop: New initiatives such as new products, new technology, new processes, new markets
  • Transform: What your business might it look like in the future, where is the industry heading?
It’s simple but not always easy to do because the urgent always speaks louder than the important. Working on the future of your business is absolutely critical.


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