July 30, 2019

[EP 8] Using “The 7 P’s” to Overcome Frustration in Your Business

Show Notes:

Many leaders and business owners find themselves in a state of constant frustration. Ping pong balls racing around in your head sound familiar? In this episode, Mike and Ryan share their advice on how to overcome frustration in your business by using the 7 P’s framework.

A great practice they recommend in gaining clarity and awareness is a process they call the mind dump, by putting pen to paper on a blank piece of paper. This allows you to get clear on the important things that matter and to declutter, this makes space for the higher value stuff.

The 7p’s are outlined as follows to help guide overcoming frustration by gaining clarity.

1)      People and Patrons: The internal team and our customers, clients, (how we deliver the customer experience)
2)      Partners: Important path to market. Partner channel and suppliers,
3)      Platforms: Importance of technological platforms.
4)      Product: The programmes that we deliver.
5)      Process: Everything from how we get from start to finish.
6)      Profit: A wrapper for finance, how we deal with cash flow and capital.
7)      Promotion: How we attract sales through marketing.

Lastly, at the backbone of everything, having purpose they consider to be highly important as it provides context for why we do what we do.

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