August 6, 2019

[EP 9] If You’re Doing Your Managers’ Job, You’re Doing a Poor Job Managing Them

Show Notes:

In this podcast, Dr Mike and Ryan cover important issues around business management. Most business owners end up in management roles having progressed through an organisation because they’ve been good at a technical role or job, and somehow they’ve gotten “manager” in their title. So, they often don’t have the necessary skill set required of a great manager.

Business owners want their managers to step up, they don’t want to do their managers jobs for them which is often how it feels. They end up micromanaging and just pissing their managers off. Fortunately, Dr Mike and Ryan have developed the Active Management Programme (AMP) – it equips managers with the core skills to step up their capability and confidence running your day-to-day business. And you can step back and focus on opportunities to grow your future business. You don’t have to worry about teaching because we’ve got the content for you. We provide a facilitator who will help, but you still have to take ownership of the clarifying the expectations of your people” (something you can’t contract out)


Active Management Programme here:


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