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Breaking through the podcast scene

Podcasts are an increasingly important part of the media/learning world. 90M people listened to a podcast in the last month up more than 50% in the past 3 years The proportion of Americans listening w…

July 2, 2019

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How to get things done

So many opportunities, so many good ideas, so much to do and so few people (and money). If you’re not getting traction, it could be because you are trying to do so much you end up doing bugger all. …

June 14, 2019

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Are you the right person to…

My mother had a number of good catch-all phrases. “Ages and stages” was one she used to describe any particular passage her children or grandchildren were going through. It’s quite reassuring to…

May 30, 2019

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Desert trek

If it’s been done…

I spoke to a group of builders about The Breakthrough’s 7 foundation habits for success recently. One guy kept arguing the point, saying it was all easy to say but the reality was different. He …

May 14, 2019

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What’s your working style?

The Breakthrough team has been exploring each of our working styles which have led to some very constructive, valuable and hilarious conversations. The four styles defined in the research* are: Pionee…

May 6, 2019

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Be more useful, not more productive

I think we should waste more time. We are bombarded with productivity hacks, articles on getting more done, podcasts about fitting more in, optimal work times, reducing distractions, flow etc. People …

April 29, 2019

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A good discomfort

Comfort zones are okay if you need a rest. Actually, that’s a bit snide. You should harvest what you’ve sown, get the benefits of the expertise and momentum you’ve created, leverage your experti…

March 24, 2019

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