October 8, 2019

[EP 18] – Matt Church on Leadership, Speaking, and his personal insights on living Authentically

Show Notes:

In this episode, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing one of Australia’s top conference speakers, Matt Church. Matt speaks at conferences and runs development programs for leaders. He has been named one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world and is also a prolific author having written 10 inspiring leadership books.

One of Matt’s great philosophies can be summed up in one word: NEXT! Ryan starts the interview by asking what that means for him – “Tomorrow can be as good if not better than today. You don’t want to shrink your way into the future. You stretch your way by pushing the edges of what’s possible both physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically and commercially.”

Matt goes on to talk about what the future may look like and offers insights into how businesses can evolve and adapt.

In this episode Matt and Ryan cover:

  • His favourite book he’s written (bonus: he offers them digitally for free!)
  • How he overcame a challenge and what it taught him about the value of encouragement and belief
  • How suffering through a nutcracker day (where his identity of being a good person got totally hammered) he found inner peace
  • What he believes are the most important steps for a leader to build progress
  • The value in giving not criticism but kindness – getting in the habit of love and kindness as a leadership capability
  • Where his journey into speaking began
  • How to give the ultimate speech that converts clients
  • He answers the often-asked question “Are speakers made or born?”
  • The importance of pronouns when delivering speeches– how to engage and excite listeners
  • What speakers inspire him
  • His perspective on the philosophy of “Not a lot matters in life but what matters, matters a lot” –  may seem cliché but how the truth will set you free



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