October 22, 2019

[EP 20] The All Blacks Business – On-Field Leaders

In this week’s podcast, Mike and Ryan discuss one of New Zealand’s most successful and beloved organizations: The All Blacks. While most don’t associate a rugby team with business, the All Blacks are very much a business organization, whose product happens to be a sport. Their unparalleled success over the years, and right now with their successes in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, makes it a great organization to study and learn from in a business context.

Mike and Ryan talk especially about the impact of Devolved Leadership, which is the practice of distributing practical decision making to on-field leaders instead of leaving all the decisions to a single, top-ranking, detached leader.

In this episode Mike and Ryan also cover:

  • The All Blacks’ change in coaching culture and how it was instrumental to their current successes
  • The need for an individual view in coaching while also maintaining a team culture
  • The key to the strongest type of leadership
  • How business leaders can apply the insights of this podcast to raise their organization to the level of the All Blacks


  • Find out more about the book Legacy by James Kerr here
  • Watch the full video on YouTube here



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