December 10, 2019

[EP 27] How to be as Good at Marketing as you are at Product

Being good at product isn’t enough, you need to be great at marketing too for your business to be successful. In this podcast episode, Mike and Ryan discuss the power of having clear principles. They talk about how crucial it is to have clearly defined values, and the importance of keeping these principles alive and exercised by every member of the team. They share the principles we have at the Breakthrough Co around our marketing, and give examples on how having these principles and coming back to them every meeting have impacted the company.

The Breakthrough marketing principles as discussed in the podcast are the following:

  • Be as good at marketing as we are at product
  • No one-shot wonders
  • Plan every campaign
  • Building our tribe
  • What is the problem or result
  • Building momentum through focus
  • Get it done then get it better
  • Authenticity

Their challenge to you: the next time your team meets, have a discussion around what your principles are, and then reference them every week.

What are your organisation’s principles? Do you keep coming back to them in your meetings? Feel free to share your principles with us in the comments, or ask for feedback from Mike and Ryan!


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  • Watch this episode on YouTube here


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